The Al Amry Group's construction and transport interests provide a range of construction and transport services specialising in heavy equipment, sand removal and vehicle repairs.

Al Amry General Transport and Contracting Est. has always been the Group's flagship. Starting with a small fleet of trucks providing transport for the Abu Dhabi Municipality, the company has grown and diversified into area leveling and sand-filling projects for the Abu Dhabi Municipality and Public Works Department. Vehicles for these projects are provided by another Group company, Malaih General Transport Est.

In 1992, the Company expanded to include contracting, specifically sand filling for new housing and urban development projects in Abu Dhabi. The Company now owns ninety trucks/trippers and employs nearly 300 people.The Group's construction and transport unit is supported by Al Amry Garage.This company specialises in repairing Mercedes trucks, trailers and heavy equipment such as caterpillars, shovels and wheel loaders.

In Kenya, Silver Star Parcels is a shipping and freight forwarding business. It provides parcel and bulk cargo moving services. In Yemen, Bin-Amro Contracting is a major contributor to the development of Sukutra Island. It builds schools, clinics and shopping malls.


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