The Al Amry Group's trading businesses cover four sectors:

These activities cover several geographic regions, including Congo, Tanzania,the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Yemen.The Group's auto parts division is headed in the UAE by Central Auto Parts, in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. In addition, the Group owns Benz automobiles in Jeddah, Multi Central Auto Parts in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, and Motrax in Mombassa, Kenya.

The medical supply sector is covered by two UAE firms: Al Amry Medical Supplies, and Emirates Drugs. The Group's activity in this field also includes Safarco Medical Supplies in Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Afro-Arabian Medical Supplies.

Central Designs, La Boudoir Gallery and Ceramic Centre make up the Group's home furnishings and decoration activity. These are also located in the UAE.

The Group owns and operates Bin-Amro Trading, in Mukalla, Yemen. This is an export, import and wholesale cement business. A cement factory there is under construction.


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